The course is designed to provide advanced, intense, hand-on training on SAS programming, and prepare students for profession as skillful SAS programmers.  The focus is on SAS macro facility and SQL programming, as well as statistical procedures.  Comprehensive projects give students insight and experience into SAS programming in the real world.



At the end of this course, students should be able to:

1.Understand the concept and benefit of macro programming.

2.Create and reference macro variables.

3.Efficiently utilize macro functions.

4.Develop and apply macro programs to handle complex projects.

5.Develop, maintain and utilize macro library to achieve modular programming.

6.Utilize SQL programming within SAS.

7.Understand the difference between traditional SAS programming and SQL programming.

8.Connect to DBMS, and exchange data between various DBMS and SAS.

9.Understand the difference between pass-through facility and LIBNAME statement in establishing connection to DBMS.

10.Understand CDISC and are able to create data in SDTM and ADaM structure

11.Understand 21 CFR Part 11 and Validation, plus data handling

12.Understand commonly used statistical procedures

13.Generate table and listing for clinical studies.



  • Complete Base SAS Programming Training course
  • Or, understand SAS report writing and data management practice



The students are responsible for attending all classes and participating on a regular basis.  Attendance will be taken — lateness and absences will be reflected in the student’s grade.

If you have to miss a class, you must notify the instructor in person or via email the week before.

Classroom discussions are encouraged and the students are expected to make meaningful contributions to the discussions. The students are responsible for doing all assignments, including quiz, homework, and projects, and handing them in on time.

Exams must be taken at the given times including mid-term exam and final exam.  No make-up exams will be given. Special handicaps and/or needs can be accommodated, but the instructor must be notified at least one week in advance.

The student must behave in a mature manner at all times – unusual, disturbing or harassing behavior will not be tolerated. Such behavior will lead to ejection from class and possible further actions, including a requested withdrawal from class. Avtech Institute’s school policies must be followed at all times.



35 hours (9 am – 4:30 pm every Sunday, totally 5 weeks)



Advanced SAS Programming & Projects Class Notes, By John Z. Ao, 5th Edition

Practical Statistical Methods: A SAS Programming Approach, By Lakshmi Padgett

SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, By Michele Burlew, 2nd Edition



Attendance and Class Participation   40%

Homework   10%


Mid-Term Exam   10%

Final   10%

Total   100%



1st Project – Application of SAS in Financial Industry

2nd Project – Generate tables and listings for Clinical Study in Pharmaceutical Industry

3rd Project – Create data in SDTM/ADaM structure and perform program validation

1 A1
SAS Macro Fundamental
SAS Macro Statements and Programs
SAS Macro Functions
Project 1
2 A4
SQL Fundamentals
Combine tables with SQL
Manage table with SQL
Project 2
3 A7
Data exchange for SAS
Clinical study and Data
21 CFR Part 11 and Validation
Mid-term exam
4 A10
Statistics Fundamental
Final exam
Project 3
5 A13 Applied Statistics
Explanation of Project 3
Explanation of exams
Interview coaching
Resume preparation

Note: For more detailed description of each chapter, contact us.


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  • 艾威是 Prometric,VUE,PSI……等众多国际认证中心授权的考点
  • 艾威是PMI国际项目管理协会PMP、PGMP、PFMP、PMI-ACP、PMI-PBA授权培训机构
  • 艾威是IIBA(国际商业分析师行业协会)授权的EECBA、CCBA、CBAP、CDBA、IIBA-AAC、IIBA-CCA授权培训机构
  • 艾威是 IT 服务管理官方 EXIN 授权的 ITIL,ITIL EXPERT,Prince2,EXIN Agile Scrum Master 教育机构,同时也是此系列课程的认证考试中心。
  • 艾威是ISACA国际信息系统审计师行业协会授权的CISA、COBIT、CDPSE、CRISC、CISM认证培训考试机构。
  • 艾威是The Open Group 授权的 TOGAF 企业架构的官方培训机构。
  • 艾威是 EPI 授权的数据中心 CDCP 培训机构,华东地区唯一 CDCP 授权培训机构,同时也是 CDCP 认证考试考场。
  • 艾威是国际外包专业协会(IAOP)独家授权外包治理国际认证 SGF(Sourcing Governance Foundation)
  • 艾威是Peoplecert授权的ITIL、Prince2、MSP、P3O、MOP、DevOps、Alige Scrum Master认证培训考试机构