Course Prerequisites: Knowledge of JavaScript equivalent to attending the JavaScript Programming course. Attendees should also have familiarity with a Windows, Linux, or OS X command line interface as well as a basic understanding of network protocols such as HTTP.





Day1 - About Node.js

Server Side JavaScript
The Event Loop
Asynchronous Execution
Node.js Architecture
Node.js Core Modules
Node.js Projects and Applications
Node.js Command Line Arguments

Node.js Global Environment

Global Objects
The process Object
Buffers and Buffer Manipulation

Day2 - - ES6 Enhancements

Arrow Functions
let and const Keywords
Enhanced Object Literals
Map and Set Collections
WeakMap and WeakSet Collections
String Template Literals

Day3 -- Installation and Configuration


Day4-- Programming Fundamentals with Node

Using Modules to Organize Code
Creating and Reusing Code with Modules
Asynchronous Programming Fundamentals
Using Callbacks to Handle Events
Using EventEmitters to Handle
Repeating Events
Type Testing with the util Module
The Node.js Module Loading System
Module Caching

Day5 - Unit Testing and Debugging with Node.js

Implementing Unit Tests with the Assert
Test Driven Development with Nodeunit
Behavioral Testing with Mocha
Facilitating Debugging with the Console
Working with the Node.js Debug Utility

Day6 - System and Data Interaction with Node

· Interacting with the System Using the os Module
· Working with the File System Using the fs and path Modules
· Managing Data Flow with Pipes and Streams
· Synchronous vs. Asynchronous File System Interaction
· Using Buffers to Read and Manipulate Binary Data
· Handling and Transforming File Path Information with the path Module
· Spawning and Managing Processes using the process Module

Day7 - Data Persistence with Node.js

· Data Persistence Mechanisms
· MongoDB Capabilities
· Connecting to MongoDB
· Using the fs Module to Read and Write Files Synchronously and Asynchronously

Day8 - Web Application and Network Programming

· Using Express to Rapidly Build and Deploy Web Applications
· REST-Based Web Service Fundamentals